Real-Time Email Validation from LeadSpend

removes bounces before you mail, improving your Inbox Placement Rate.


Get Point-of-Collection

Ensure the collection of valid email addresses.

Point-of-Collection Email Validation

Prompt users to correct mistyped email address in-form, or filter out harmful addresses as they enter your system with our real-time API.

Validate  a  List

Identify and remove invalid email addresses before you mail.

Pre-Send Email Validation

Remove harmful email addresses before you mail! Whether you have a single list to validate, or many, we provide several secure and easy-to-use list upload options.

Give it a try!

Enter an email address here to see if it is valid.


Features and Benefits:

  • Eliminate Bounces

    Our clients typically experience a 10x reduction in bounce rates.

  • Super Fast

    Fastest response times in the industry; avg. response times of <500ms.

  • Accurate

    97% match rate and no false positives!

  • Reliable

    Fully redundant hosting in the cloud.

  • No Upfront Fees

    Pay-as-you-go and a Cost Per Invalid option benefits those with cleaner data.

  • Easy To Integrate

    Several easy to use options.

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