Two easy ways to use LeadSpend's
Real-Time Email Validation:


Ensure the collection of valid
email addresses.


Identify and remove invalid email
addresses before you mail.

Point-of-Collection Email Validation

Prompt users to correct invalid email address in-form or filter out bad addresses as they enter your system with our validation API. We provide JavaScript code that integrates seamlessly with your existing forms to validate email addresses without inconveniencing your visitors. Our hosted email validation API can be integrated at any point in your email collection funnel. Contact us to get started!

Pre-Send Email Validation

Send us a list of addresses to identify and remove invalid emails from your database before you mail! We provide both a one-off list validation service through our website and an auto-FTP for regular file processing. Upload a file here, or contact us to get started!

Active Verification For Accurate Results

Most hygiene vendors will accept as valid any email address that is properly formatted, comes from a domain configured to receive mail, and does not appear in one of their suppression lists–even if that email address does not correspond to an existing mailbox. In contrast, LeadSpend actively verifies email addresses to determine if the account is valid and deliverable at that specific moment in time. This allows us to correctly verify over 97% of consumer email addresses. We do not keep any consumer information in a database, ensuring maximum security and accuracy.

Improve your reputation with the ISP's

  • Reduce bounces and avoid harmful email addresses
  • Increase your Sender Reputation
  • Watch as your email marketing results improve

Increase conversion rates on registration forms and email remarketing campaigns

  • Ensure accurate data collection
  • Remove unnecessary fields such as the &nquot;Confirm Email&nquot; field from your forms
  • Ensure prospects receive their shopping cart abandonment email

Our Validation Is More Than Verification

Even leads with deliverable email addresses may not be desirable. We identify:

  • Role accounts
  • Known spam traps or monitoring seeds
  • Disposable email addresses
  • Inbox is simply out of space

Active Verification Features

  • 97% "match rate" of consumer email addresses
  • Nearly 100% accurate
  • Fastest industry response times
  • Multiple API integrations, real-time and bulk processing
  • Highly scalable
  • Competitive pricing
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